What’s Trending?

Now that it’s Summer -it’s a new season, which means of course new trends. Hairstyles are always changing, and people are always looking for ways to glam themselves up. Here are some of the hottest trends this season when it comes to hair


Especially with beating the heat, the short haircut has become even more popular. Not specifically a bob, but between the chin and shoulders is a growing trend among celebrities. Layering short hair, or making it wavy looks sexy and sophisticated, and it becomes less of a hassle when it comes to treating or washing it. The half-up half-down look from the 90’s has certainly resurfaced. Almost anytime you go out you will see this look amongst groups of women. It is easy to do and looks good on everyone!





When it comes to coloring people tend to go with lighter shades in the summer, a lot of people do this by getting it highlighted. But the trend has gotten even better. This year color melting has steadily increased in popularity. Color melting is the concept that instead of highlighting with just one shade, stylists highlight with multiple shades.The purpose of this is to make hair look more natural and subtle. Instead of looking like artificial highlights, it looks like ones natural hair highlights (often brought out by the sun) are coming out. So instead of damaging your hair with lemon juice and frying it in the sun, try color melting, it looks great and will make you feel like you’re on vacation. Brunettes often melt with caramel or amber hues- and for blonde hair it is usually a honey and cream color combination.

For dyeing, pastel colors have become increasingly popular. For light hair, peach and pink hues bring out a glow, and the warm colors are perfect in time for summer. For are dark hair, purple and gray hues add a kick to spicen up the hair and make it look sophisticated.



With dry and hot weather comes dry hair. Whether you’re sitting on a beach all day in the sun, or jumping in a pool or ocean, this can dehydrate hair leaving it feeling coarse and unmanageable. There are tons of ways you can hydrate hair so it stays and looks healthy. Coconut Oil is huge right now, and it’s not just for cooking or removing makeup, you can also use it to fortify your hair. Putting coconut oil on split ends not only hydrates and makes them smooth – but it also can be used to tame those flyaways. It also smells good and is all natural so you don’t have to worry about putting in chemicals that will hurt your hair or damage it.  

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