What inspired you to create BelBella?
A Matie: “Coming from Israel with a curly hair like me created a big challenge: how can I find a salon that was worth the effort of going to?  When I found a great hairstylist who was willing to come to my house to blow out and style my hair I was thrilled. But then I thought, why not develop an app that provides this service to everyone?”

“An app removes the hassle of going back and forth with the hairstylist to schedule an appointment. Also, I don’t always have cash with me and so I thought that it would be great if the service would allow payment with a credit card.”

Why do you think at-home beauty services are becoming increasingly popular?
AFreelance professionals have been providing beauty services at home for years. What’s new is that apps like BelBella make it easy to schedule and pay for these appointments, as well as to make them more affordable for women on any budget.
What makes BelBella different from other similar apps and/or services?
ABelBella is the ultimate platform to match clients with freelance pros in their area.

Unlike many of the apps out there, pros can use BelBella to handle the business side of things and let them focus their time on their artistry. BelBella automates handling the business details of scheduling, payment, handling cancellations, etc.

How does BelBella work?
A The client downloads the BelBella app on their phone or books using this website. They select the location and time for the appointment. The BelBella system finds nearby, available pros and lets the client select one. The system sends reminders when the appointment is getting near, and allows the client to rate the pro after the appointment. Everything is push-button easy.
How do local hair stylists get involved with BelBella?
A It’s easy. They just register under the “FOR PROS” section of this website. BelBella screens the applicants and gets back to the professional when they’ve been cleared.