Know that…

100% of your money goes to the pro. We charge a service fee to keep this app going!

You have questions. We have answers

Let’s check who’s in your area…

Belbella vets beauty professionals that are hard-working, talented and willing to compete for the opportunity to gain your business. The pro will come to the place of your choice. Home, office or your hotel.

Services in your area

We focus on beauty and beauty only. Hair, Makeup, and Body (hair removal) from a weekly blowout routine to highlights. All services are performed in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel.

Pick a date and time, and the pros will line up for you

We meant it when we said “on your own terms!” Your convenience is our core goal.

A choice of Pros to request

Yes, you got it, you can request a pro. When you choose a pro, an appointment request message is sent to them. If they’re not available, we’ll match you with equivalent pro at the same price or less.

A confirmation of your upcoming appointment will be emailed to you

Done! On your terms, powerful woman.

on demand Makeup artist

What to expect

  • Can I choose a hairstylist or a makeup artist?

    We understand that choosing the right hair stylist or a makeup artist is the most important part of the booking. therefore we give you the option to request your pro based on their profile

    You view their profile and request their service right from the first time you book, no need to wait for second time – We give you that option right from the start!

    You have the option to choose more than one pro (preferred pros) and we will send a request to all the preferred  pros first then you will get a confirmation from us about which pro is going to come.


  • How do I cancel if I booked online (on this site)?

    Call us at (617) 383-7540 or email (include your name, location, and appointment time).

    Keep in mind that your card is not going to be charged till your appointment is completed.

  • How do I cancel if I booked using the BelBella app (iPhone or Android)?

    Open the app. Open the side menu. Click on APPOINTMENTS. Click on the appointment you wish to cancel. Click CANCEL.

    It is that easy – more reasons to download the BelBella app. 

  • How do I prepare for my appointment?

    Well, it depends on what service did you choose!

    Only if your choice is a blowout then your hair should be washed and towel dry before your hairstylist arrives.

  • How do I know which hair stylist or a makeup artist to choose?


    The hairstylists and the makeup artists get their reputation and their rating  from you and not from us.

    We believe in transparency and that hairstylists or a makeup artists earn their reputation from the people they served and not from us.

  • Can I book an appointment at the hotel room where I’m staying?

    You can tip your pro as you see fit.  keep in mind that all hairstylists and makeup artists are independent freelancers and they price their services so tip is not necessary, they would much rather you book them again.

  • What is your input regarding tip?

    You can tip your pro as you see fit. Keep in mind that all our hairstylists and makeup artists are freelancers that make their own prices , they would much rather see you book them again. So keep your cash in your pocket and enjoy the service.

Not a cookie cutter, each pro brings her unique style and talent. Your vision, our execution!

You are going to love the way you look.

Affordable & Convenient