Why BelBella?

It’s all about you. Not the salon.

Seamlessly Process Payments

Give your clients the convenience of reserving and prepaying through the app, get next day payouts directly to your bank account.

Virtual Receptionist

Your clients can book you anywhere and anytime through your mobile app or online. Based on a schedule that you control, you’ll receive appointment requests that you can confirm. You’ll also receive automated reminders to keep you on time.

Ultimate Control

The ultimate control means this. You define the services that you’d like to offer. You select the prices, and you set your own schedule for the work you love to do.

Invite Your Contacts

Your clients are going to love you when you select them from your contact list and invite them to your own app. Your clients will receive personalized promotions, specials, and messages on special occasions on your behalf. Build loyalty and and awareness of your brand with your clients.

Your Own App

As a registered pro, you get an app for your clients to schedule and book you. When your clients download the app that you share with them they will see only YOU! Your profile with your schedule, your services and of course your prices for easy booking.

Grow Your Client Base

Based on the ratings you earn from your existing clients, and the visibility of your profile, you’ll receive pre-paid requests for your services from new clients in your area. Under your control, email marketing campaigns, social media promotions, and special offers are automatically published to new and existing clients to promote you and expand your brand.


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