Become an ambassador

BelBella now has an ambassador program! It allows you to join a great cause, and get perks while spreading the word.

Our mission

Our mission is to create economic opportunities for traveling beauty professionals, providing them with work and enabling them to become independent businesswomen.

Join us!

Be part of a movement that empowers other less fortunate women in your neighborhood and beyond. Together we can create a strong market and leverage technology that allows these women to make an independent living doing what they love.

You’ll be responsible…

…for making BelBella the next big thing on campus. And making sure that everybody knows about it. Tell potential clients, when they want to pamper themselves, to book with BelBella. And every time they book, they empower another woman to believe in herself and achieve independence.


  • Post 2 to 4 pictures on Instagram each month that promote BelBella
  • Organize at least one “Get ready with Belbella” event before going out to a party or other social event
  • Create content to grow awareness for BelBella as a platform that empowers individual freelance women
  • Local PR
  • Demonstrate your kindness and values by participating in any charity events that benefit the less fortunate
  • Be yourself and set an example for others


  • Become part of a network of empowered women across the campus and beyond.
  • Potential to grow within the company
  • One free blowout or a makeup service at your place each month
  • Get paid for each task you complete
  • Free admission to events for top performing ambassadors.
  • Free makeovers for every organized going out event