Hi Bellas, I’m Rue, a Boston-based professional makeup artist with a love for all things beauty and fashion. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 13+ years and can’t imagine life without the glam. I’ll be curating the blog for BelBella, sharing all my favorite items and beauty tips with you guys. We can all share our passion for makeup, hair, and nails, as I try new trends, and talk beauty. Together we can create a community of women who support women with a hint of glam.

Some of my favorite beauty go-to’s are a classic red lip. You just can’t go wrong with a nice bold matte red lip. When I was a young girl I thought the definition of a WOMAN was to wear red lipstick. I always finish off my red lips by running a thin brush with concealer. Correcting any problem areas. My ready to wear look? Winged black liner, if I don’t have my winged liner I feel incomplete. My 5 min look mascara, black winged liner, concealer, lipstick. Enough about me, I want to share some trends I’m loving right now.

I, like everyone else, have been waiting for Pantone to announce the color of the year. With the days getting shorter and the weather colder, if there’s one thing I needed, it was LIVING CORAL. Pantone describes this color as “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge” I can see why VOGUE asked, “Can a color be waked?” With living coral reminding me of paradise beaches from the name alone, I think we can all agree it’s trending.

As designers start to sneak in this beautiful coral into our wardrobes, I’m running around making sure I order the best accessories to match. My main accessories are a headscarf and my glasses. Now to find the perfect hue for both of these items. The hunt is on, if you find some, make sure to email them to me. Summer can’t come sooner if you ask me now.

Now let’s not forget about makeup ladies. Drumroll, please…The new Huda Beauty Power bullet is all the craze. Being a fan of Huda Beauty’s collection already, I couldn’t wait to try these. If you haven’t tried Huda Beauty yet, what are you waiting for? Her gemstone collection was my summer jam. The glitter in those pallets, oh boy! Sidetracked, the Power Bullet. The packaging is beautiful and you can see the sparkle right when you open it. The first thing I noticed is the shape of the bullet alone, it fits perfectly with my natural lip line making it very easy to apply if I didn’t have a mirror in sight. Now, this collection only has 3 colors for now, but these are all waiting to be worn this new year. I’ll be shining bright like a diamond with my glam lips. The trick question is which one, Choices, choices. Huda Kattan creator of Huda Beauty first gave us a glimpse of these babies on her Instagram Nov 25th. With the release date following all I could think was, “when does Sephora open?” I was lucky enough to make it just as they opened.
Just being released December 3rd, 2018, these are just what I needed for the extra glitz for my new year’s look. What are you guys wearing for New Years? I want to see some outfit pics, hashtag #getbelbella in your pictures. The hashtag will be a great way for us to follow and get to know each other’s styles.

2019 will bring on so many trends. That being said, I can’t wait to see all the hair goals for summer with Coral in the air. For those who need some inspiration, here is a cool list by a modern salon of coral hair to dye for. You can find me for the next few weeks creating eye looks of light coral vibes, and rocking several glitter lips.

Till my next blog post, I leave you guys with one question: What do you want to read next? A tutorial, what’s in my bag (pro edition), 5 min eye glam?

Ruelys Andujar

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