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Look good, do good.

I’m blessed with coarse and stubborn hair, so I used to go to the salon on a regular basis. I used to drop a rather large amount of money in order to look good. This is what lots of us do. But then I learned a few things that have changed my view of the beauty industry.

I’ve learned that most of your money and mine never makes it to the beauty pro; that many work for minimum wage plus tips; that many of these same talented, hard-working pros are willing to travel for an appointment; and that there are lots of under-employed pros whose family situation won’t allow them to work within the rigid structure of a salon.

We can do better. The entrepreneur in me realized that an app could make their services available to anyone while creating economic opportunity for them.

…and that’s why we created BelBella.

Every time you book with BelBella you create opportunities for talented but underutilized pros. You treat them with dignity, you allow them the flexibility to take better care of their families, and you compensate them better.

We use technology to create an app that delivers on-demand beauty services on your terms and without compromising quality. Based on your preference such as price, rating, services, portfolios reviews, location and time, the app offers you a choice of available, BelBella-vetted pros.

BelBella was founded in my home city of Newton. We’re committed to full transparency every aspect of our business.

Enjoy BelBella. Look good, do good.

CEO and founder, BelBella, LLC.

Clients love BelBella


Cynthia D., Wellesley, MA
I love having my hair done at home, and not wasting my time in traffic! No need to book a sitter. BelBella pros are professional and courteous. And I pay less than what I would pay at a salon. I love it!


Jennifer D., Chestnut Hill, MA
Beside the obvious fact that a hairstylist come to me, I love that I can see the hairstylist that are available in my area and I booked one that of them that works at high end salon.
Her work was incredible , I got the quality that I wanted with the hairstylist that I selected.

"Love the convenience"

Monica N., Cambridge, MA
What I like the most is that I can choose the hairstylist that I want based on her portfolio, so I know what I am getting and it is so easy to book her. She does my highlights in the comfort of my home. This is more than a treat for busy working women and moms--it's a necessity! Bravo BelBella!