Innovation is driven by necessity. My necessity started the day I arrived in this country. I have coarse, stubborn hair that needs regular upkeep, so every week I needed to go to the salon. Sure, that’s often a nice experience, but it also has problems. For me it wasn’t just the hassle of driving and parking. It was also the price (yes! I said it).

So the light bulb went off! Why couldn’t I get a professional hairstylist to come to my house? At my convenience and schedule. And by cutting out the middleman, I’d pay less and the pro would make more!

…and this was the genesis of BelBella

BelBella was founded in my home city of Boston. We’ve built an app that brings top-quality beauty professionals (hair, makeup, and other services) right to your home.

Without the overhead of a salon, we can offer the same services with the same quality for less than high-end salons.

BelBella is all about transparency, clients can see exactly what they are getting. Wherever you want it, whenever you need, and with the quality you deserve!

Enjoy BelBella, and let beauty be on your terms.

CEO and founder, BelBella, LLC.

Clients love BelBella


Cynthia D., Wellesley, MA
I love having my hair done at home, and not wasting my time in traffic! No need to book a sitter. BelBella pros are professional and courteous. And I pay less than what I would pay at a salon. I love it!


Jennifer D., Chestnut Hill, MA
Beside the obvious fact that a hairstylist come to me, I love that I can see the hairstylist that are available in my area and I booked one that of them that works at high end salon.
Her work was incredible , I got the quality that I wanted with the hairstylist that I selected.

"Love the convenience"

Monica N., Cambridge, MA
What I like the most is that I can choose the hairstylist that I want based on her portfolio, so I know what I am getting and it is so easy to book her. She does my highlights in the comfort of my home. This is more than a treat for busy working women and moms--it's a necessity! Bravo BelBella!